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Catalyst Communication Arts


I will be happy to provide a per-page price quote based on a sample chapter taken from the interior of the book (not the first chapter, which usually is introductory and not typical of the rest of the volume). Rates generally range from $3.00 to $7.00 per page and are based on several factors:

· Density of text: A light indexing job might involve 2-3 entries per page; a very in-           depth index might require 10 or more entries per page.

  • Page size and number of columns: The larger the page, the more text to index; two or more columns generally means more text as well.

  • Type of material: Scholarly or highly technical texts require more specialized knowledge and more time to index. Trade books generally are "lighter" and take less time and expertise.


Nigel Quinney

  Roaring Forties Press

  1053 Santa Fe Avenue

  Berkeley, CA 94705
Ann Harris
 Production Manager, Ward Ritchie Press
 1522 Point View Street
 Los Angeles, CA 90035

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